Pokemon Unite: Basics Of Boost Emblems


Pokemon Unite had its one-year anniversary a few weeks ago and featured celebratory login rewards, new commemorative skins, discounts, anniversary missions, and bonuses for players returning after a long enough hiatus. Glaceon alongside Buzzwole released, and Tyranitar is approaching soon. The game has not slowed down with new content released each month from its initial release.

Even with all of its updates, the largest, and most game-defining addition for the one-year anniversary of Pokemon Unite has been the introduction of Boost Emblems. This guide covers what Boost Emblems are, the different methods to obtain Boost Emblems, using the Boost Emblem System, and more.

What are Boost Emblems

If you are familiar with other multiplayer battle arenas (MOBAs) such as Arena of Valor or League of Legends, you may understand what Arcana or Runes are, but if not, these are used as equippable perks/buffs, a lot of the time with flat stats you can add to an empty grid to increase attack speed, increased attack damage, additional magic damage, increased defense, and more, just as a few examples.

These Emblems are able to make it so that even if the character you or your enemy team is using is the same, you may invest in different stats to increase or decrease making them unique. For example, you could choose flat increases in attack speed, while your opponent using the same character might be going for increased damage.

The largest difference in comparison to most other MOBAs, are Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite all give negative stats and do not provide a net positive gain. This makes it a bit trickier to choose their implementation, since you may see a bunch of negative stats next to positive ones. Having quicker movement speed is great, but do you really want to sacrifice your maximum HP on Pokemon that are already squishy?

How to Obtain Boost Emblems

There are two ways to obtain Boost Emblems, and thankfully none of them cost in-game currency.

The first and main way to receive Boost Emblems is to exchange them at the Energy Rewards Gacha. One roll will cost 100 Energy, but make sure you have the Gacha set to the Boost Emblems, and not set to Fashion Items.

Energy Rewards Gacha Shop

The first Boost Emblem Gacha roll each day will be free, so don’t miss out on this!

As long as you play matches (depending on how well you do) you can build up for Energy Reward exchanges.

The second way to obtain Boost Emblems is from the Season Points. Pokemon Unite has added Season Point rewards alongside increasing the Trainer Level to 50 from the anniversary update

Current Season Points Rewards

Though this is only the first season, if you gain enough Season Points by just playing the game itself, you will receive a Gold Gengar Boost Emblem for use as this season’s reward among other Bronze and Silver Boost Emblems.

Highest Rarity Reward for Current Season: Gold Gengar Boost Emblem

How to Use Boost Emblems

Going to the main menu and selecting options will allow you to see all of the Boost Emblems you have obtained.

Selecting Options

Here, it will specifically break down Boost Emblems into Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boost Emblems.

How many of each Boost Emblem you have, their individual effects, the total amount currently in the game, and other information is available.

Different Boost Emblems, Effects, and Stats

Green arrows above a Boost Emblem will identify you as having three of the same rarity that you can choose to merge. Merging Boost Emblems requires three of the same emblem with the same rarity type. Merging will allow you to gain a Boost Emblem that is much more powerful than its previous rarity.

You can then equip your desired Boost Emblems on a rotation loadout of 10 Boost Emblems.

Full Loadout of Boost Emblems for Cooldown Combined with Increased Critical Hit Rate

Here, you can label your loadout, mix around, and see the exact effects for each Boost Emblem alongside what benefits each color provides.

The different colors are:

  • Green increases special attack.
  • Yellow increases movement speed out of combat.
  • Red increases basic attack speed.
  • Blue increases defense.
  • White increases max HP.
  • Black gives move cooldown reduction.
  • Brown increases attack.
  • Purple increases special defense.
  • Pink allows hindrance effects to wear off faster.

Each color has a different number requirement for its effect to activate, and how potent this color effect will actually be.

These colors correspond with different Boost Emblems. Some Emblems have two colors such as Nidoqueen being Purple and Brown, which means if you have enough of the color requirements of both of these colors equipped onto your loadout, then the loadout will give increased special defense plus increased attack.

Boost Emblems of the same Pokemon can be merged to create the next level. Bronze to Silver, then Silver to Gold. Gold Boost Emblems are what you need to aim for each Emblem, so unless it is the Gold Gengar from the Season Point reward, you will need to merge.

The Choice to Merge Three Bronze Nidoking Boost Emblems Together

For example, merging three Bronze Nidoking Boost Emblems alongside spending 100 Aeos Coins will turn your three Bronze Nidoking Boost Emblems into one Silver Nidoking Boost Emblem with a 100% guarantee. Merging your three Silver Nidoking Boost Emblems alongside spending 100 Aeos Coins will turn your three Silver Nidoking Boost Emblems into a Gold Nidoking Boost Emblem with a 40% chance.

One Silver Nidoking Boost Emblem Received from Merging

If the merge is unsuccessful, you will still have the Boost Emblems you used to merge returned to you, but the Aeos Coins will not be refunded. Gold Boost Emblems cannot be merged, but the highest rarity gives the greatest effects.

The Boost Emblem System has only been out for a few weeks, so as long as you are gradually earning Emblems alongside merging, then you can create a few loadouts with Silver, and a few Gold Emblems. Currently, there are 99 Boost Emblems, but more will be released in the future.

Either start saving your Energy Reward Gacha for the new Boost Emblems releasing in the near future, or use those Gacha rolls now while the Boost Emblem pool is at its lowest. When the Gacha pool expands, it will be more difficult to roll for specific Boost Emblems you may have been vying for.