Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s Next Tera Raid Has A Ghostly Typhlosion


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next seven-star Tera Raid will introduce a classic starter to the game, in the form of Typhlosion. As officially confirmed by the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account, Typhlosion will be available to battle and capture in two events, and each one will last for three days.

The first session will take place from April 13-16 and begins at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, and the second session is scheduled for April 20-23 at the same time. What makes this particular Tera Raid so special is that Typhlosion currently isn’t in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Paldean Pokedex, meaning that there hasn’t been an opportunity to catch it or its pre-evolutionary forms Cyndaquil or Quilava.

This will be the first–and for now–only chance to catch an extremely rare Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, although doing so requires preparing for a massive battle. Seven-star Tera Raids are some of the hardest endgame content in Scarlet and Violet, and you’ll need a level -100 Pokemon to stand a chance against this Typhlosion, which has a Ghost-type Tera transformation. This will likely make using the popular Iron Hands extremely challenging, although an Annihilape that has Rage Fist and Screech should be a good match for this Typhlosion.

While you can only catch Typhlosion once, repeating the Tera raid is still worth doing as you’ll earn some of the best items in the game from this encounter. Seven-star Tera Raids usually hand out a generous amount of Exp Candy and rare ingredients to be used in your sandwiches, as well as valuable items that can be sold for a high profit at the Poke Mart.

Later in the year, Pokemon fans can look forward to The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disc expansions. The Teal Mask has school field trip and festival themes, while The Indigo Disc is set in Blueberry Academy, a new school that you’ll visit as part of a student exchange program. Both expansions are teasing new mythic Pokemon to find and battle, as well as over 230 Pokemon to capture from previous generations, including Ninetails, Vikavolt, and Metagross.