Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced For Switch, Releasing In 2025


This year’s Pokemon Presents in celebration of Pokemon Day ended with a teaser for a new Pokemon Legends game slated to release in 2025. Titled Pokemon Legends Z-A, the new game is set in Lumiose City, a major setting hub in Pokemon X and Y.

According to the announcement, the new adventure centers around an urban redevelopment plan to make the city a place where humans and Pokemon can coexist naturally. The trailer ends with a brief teaser for Mega Evolutions, showing the iconic symbol for the mechanic that was introduced in X and Y.

The previous Pokemon Legends game, Arceus, was set in the Hisui region, later called the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It was set in the distant past and featured previously unseen forms of Pokemon. The story for Z-A seems to suggest that it’s set in modern times. But Legends: Arceus also strayed from the traditional Pokemon formula with free-roaming and capture mechanics, which were partly used in the most recent release, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. So we can probably expect Legends Z-A to take place in a similarly open world.

The Pokemon Presents presentation for this year also included updates to ongoing games like Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Sleep, a new mobile Pokemon TCG experience, and more. For more, be sure to check out our roundup of all the biggest Pokemon Day announcements.