PO’ed Definitive Edition Is Nightdive Studios’ Next Restoration Project


Nightdive Studios has become one of the gaming industry’s most prolific developers for remastered games, with Star Wars: Dark Forces, Quake II, and Rise Of The Triad among its recent projects. Today–and this is real, not an April Fools’ prank–the firm announced its next retro venture, 1995’s PO’ed, which will be receiving a Definitive Edition “soon.”

Nightdive’s official social media accounts announced the project via a brief gameplay trailer, with a Steam listing popping up shortly after. The trailer shows footage from the original release–framed with quotes from fans who played it back when it originally launched–before switching to the updated version.

The PO’ed Definitive Edition features updated graphics, a new hardcore difficulty setting, Steam achievement support, and quality-of-life upgrades that “fix bugs present in the original game.” The Steam page does mention that the bug fixes “can be toggled off” in order to restore the feeling of the original release.

PO’ed debuted on the 3DO on PlayStation in 1995, with a port to the original PlayStation launching the following year. The game follows a chef who is the sole survivor of his spaceship’s crash landing on a hostile alien planet, and he must use a mixture of cooking tools and futuristic weapons in order to escape.

PO’ed Definitive Edition is “coming soon” on Steam, with no other platforms listed as of this writing.