PlayStation’s Dual CEOs Explain Why It’s Good To Have Two Of Them


Last month, on May 14, Sony named Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst the new CEOs of PlayStation. Recently, both Nishino and Hulst shared why they believe having two CEOs is the best move for PlayStation.

Their statement came from an SIE blog post. In it, they explain that the “PlayStation community is at the heart of everything” the company does. The two go on to explain how they plan on operating going forward.

“We believe it’s never been more important for the leadership at SIE to step back, review our business holistically, and move forward with a new structure designed to bring out the best in the organization and deliver increasingly incredible experiences.”

As the post continued, Nishino and Hulst shared an email to Sony employees. Near the end of it, the two give their opinion on why having both on board is the best move going forward.

“While having two CEOs is a new structure for SIE, we know this will foster greater creativity and innovation as we look for new ways to grow the business, always keeping our community at the forefront. Two distinct Business Groups will enable us to have more rigor and clarity across our lines of business as SIE continues to grow and evolve. As we step into our new roles, we will take time to deepen our understanding about various aspects of the business.”

Going forward, Nishino will be in charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Platform Business Group, which is responsible for technology, products, the platform experience, and third-party developer relations. Hulst will lead the Studio Business group and will be responsible for all PlayStation game content and film/TV adaptations.

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