Palworld – How To Get Sulfur, Gunpowder, And Ammo


Progression in Palworld sees your character acquiring even more powerful armaments. A few hours into the sandbox campaign, you’ll need certain resources for better weapons. Here’s our guide on how to get Sulfur, Gunpowder, and Ammo in Palworld.

How to get Sulfur, Gunpowder, and Ammo in Palworld

The Palworld Sulfur, Gunpowder, and Ammo items come into play once you reach technology level 21. This is also when you unlock guns in the sandbox campaign. Moreover, you need the following workbenches for your crafting needs:

  • Primitive Furnace (level 10 tech) – Requires 20x Wood, 50x Stone, and 3x Flame Organ; used to refine Charcoal, Sulfur, and Ingots. You need to have a fire type Pal with the Kindling work suitability so they can work on this task automatically.
  • High-Quality Workbench (level 11 tech) – Requires 15x Ingot, 50x Wood, and 10x Nail; used to craft Gunpowder.
  • Weapons Workbench (level 20 tech) – Requires 15x Ingot, 50x Wood, and 10x Nail; used to craft mid-game firearms like the Musket and Makeshift Handgun, as well as Coarse Ammo.

Level 21 is when things start to get even more interesting.

Where to find Sulfur deposits

To get Sulfur in Palworld, you can either venture deeper into overworld dungeons or head to the Twilight Dunes and Bamboo Grove zones. Sulfur nodes in the game appear as large chunks of solid rock with a yellowish hue.

For the dungeons themselves, you’ll notice caves in overworld areas, and their tunnel openings happen to have intertwined tree trunks and vines that almost act like overhangs. Inside, you should fine a few Sulfur nodes that you can mine. Make sure you’re using a Metal Pickaxe so you can gain increased resource yields, too.

Lastly, take note that dungeons are on a strict timer of around 300 minutes. Once this has expired, you won’t be able to enter them again until a few in-game days pass.

Dungeon entrances (left) are scattered all over the world. We’ve also marked down a few that are near the starting location (right).

Alternatively, you can head to the Twilight Dunes (desert biome) farther northeast of your starting location. Due to the distance that you need to travel, we suggest doing the following:

  • Make sure you’re able to ride Pals by crafting their harnesses. We recommend capturing a Nitewing since thry’re a flying mount.
  • The high-temperature environment will also cause your health to get gradually depleted. As such, you should wear heat-resistant clothing.

The game’s desert biome has several Sulfur deposits that you can mine. There are also a few that are found in the nearby Bamboo Groves zone, which is an area on clifftops. The biome has a slightly more temperate climate, too.

The desert biome and nearby mountains (left) have Sulfur deposits. We’ve also encircled this particular location (right).

How to make Gunpowder using Sulfur and Charcoal

Once you have Sulfur in Palworld, it’s time to craft Gunpowder. First, build a High-Quality Workbench and unlock the Gunpowder recipe via the Technology menu. You then need the following materials:

  • 1x Sulfur
  • 2x Charcoal – You can craft 1x Charcoal by processing 2x Wood via a Primitive Furnace.

How to find and craft Ammo

Ammo in Palworld comes from a couple of sources:

  • Enemy loot – Different types of Ammo are dropped by defeated Syndicate opponents. Some are found in makeshift settlements, others roam the countryside, and squads might even raid your base.
  • Crafting – Coarse Ammo can also be crafted via the aforementioned Weapons Workbench. You can make 10x Coarse Ammo by using 1x Ingot and 1x Gunpowder.

Ammo can be looted from Syndicate enemies, though you can always craft some using your Weapons Workbench.

Bear in mind that Coarse Ammo is only used by the Musket and Makeshift Handgun. As your level increases, you should continue to unlock more weapon blueprints, such as the Shotgun and Rifle. These, too, require different kinds of ammunition.

In any case, this is how you get Sulfur, Gunpowder, and Ammo in Palworld. There are even more powerful armaments that you can find as you push further into the game’s sandbox campaign. These are but small steps that help you progress.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.