Palworld – All Boss Tower Locations


Your journey in Palworld sometimes leads to greater dangers, including bosses that you must face. Consider these opponents as the true elites, and challenges that will test your mettle. Here’s our guide on all boss tower locations in Palworld.

All boss tower locations in Palworld

The boss towers in Palworld are scattered all over the map. Ideally, you’ll want to tackle them in a particular order due to your enemies having higher levels, as well as the degree of difficulty involved.

You can see their locations and suggested order in the map image below. Likewise, here are some additional tips:

  • Each boss tower that you enter triggers a cutscene, after which you’ll battle an elite trainer that’s mounted on a Pal.
  • You have 10 minutes to eliminate your target. Otherwise, you’ll fail the encounter.
  • Try to bring Pals of certain elements that bosses are weak against.
  • Tower bosses can’t be captured normally, but there’s one particular exploit which we discuss in a separate section of this guide.
  • Towers are found in different climates, so you should prepare by crafting heat-resistant and cold-resistant armor pieces.

You can see the Palworld boss tower locations in the southern (left) and northern (right) parts of the map.

Tower of Rayne Syndicate

  • Coordinates: 110, -431
  • Region climate: Temperate
  • Boss opponents: Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Pal type: Electric type
  • Pal weakness: Ground and ice

Free Pal Alliance Tower

  • Coordinates: 184, 27
  • Region climate: Cold
  • Boss opponents: Lily and Lyleen
  • Pal element: Grass
  • Pal weakness: Fire

Fighting Pals without considering their elemental weakness is a bad idea.

Eternal Pyre Tower

  • Coordinates: -584, -514
  • Region climate: Hot
  • Boss opponents: Axel and Orserk
  • Pal type: Electric and dragon
  • Pal weakness: Ground and ice

Tower of the PIDF

  • Coordinates: 558, 338
  • Region climate: Hot
  • Boss opponents: Marcus and Faleris
  • Pal type: Fire
  • Pal weakness: Water

PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower

  • Coordinates: -150, 440
  • Region climate: Cold
  • Boss opponents: Victor and Shadowbeak
  • Pal type: Dark
  • Pal weakness: Dragon

Be ready for battle once the cutscene ends.

How to catch Pals in boss tower encounters

As mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t be possible to catch Pals in boss towers in Palworld. However, since the game is still in early access, there’s an exploit that allows players to do this. Here’s what the whole process entails:

  • Tag the fast travel point near a tower. Also, tag a fast travel point near a settlement with guards (i.e. Small Settlement or Duneshelter).
  • Attack a guard in a settlement, then fast travel to a tower’s location and enter it.
  • Doing this causes the NPCs to also enter the tower and become engaged in the battle.
  • Avoid the boss’ abilities and wait for it to attack guards instead. Then, toss any type of Pal Sphere. The glitch will let you capture the elite Pal, ending the encounter and giving you a powerful ally for future bouts.

Aggro the guard NPCs to bring them along with you when you enter boss tower battles.

Note that the Pals you face in boss tower encounters can still be caught normally. However, you need to reach certain places known as Wildlife Sanctuaries. These are the strange-looking islands found in the corners of the map.

In any case, these are the boss tower locations in Palworld. Take your time as you gather more creatures to fight by your side, and be ready to bring down the toughest foes that the game has to offer.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.