Overwatch 2 Has Exited Early Access With The Invasion Update


Overwatch 2: Invasion has launched, adding PvE story missions, new modes, maps, and a new hero. This update also marks the end of Overwatch 2 early access according to Blizzard, with the live-service game now being considered beyond early access.

As reported by IGN, executive producer Jared Neuss told reporters that the Invasion update marks the end of Overwatch 2’s early access period.

“For me it’s less about content threshold and more about, are we operating the game we want to operate? Is this the structure, the cadence, the amount of things we are able to make in release that we think moves us away from this learning period and into this, really operating a game at a full feature level? For me, Overwatch 2 Invasion is that moment,” Neuss said.

Neuss said that prior to Invasion there were still some gaps in features that needed to be filled, including recognition of player time and investment. One of the smaller additions added in the Invasion update is the new hero levels, which offers small cosmetic rewards for increasing your level with individual heroes by playing them.

It was previously understood that Overwatch 2 launched in early access to get the multiplayer out ahead of the PvE modes, which have since been partially scrapped. The Invasion update does include three PvE story missions, but these are at a much smaller scale than the originally promised mode. Overwatch 2: Invasion is now available and the game is also now on Steam for the first time.