Outfit The ROG Ally With A Slick Set Of New Accessories From Dbrand.


Gaming peripherals manufacturer Dbrand has announced new gear for the ROG Ally, which it’s calling Project Killswitch. This is a new grip for the handheld gaming PC that adds a more ergonomic design and extra durability, as well as a kickstand and optional parts like grippy thumbstick covers, travel cover, and a tempered glass screen protector.

Essentially, this is a comprehensive collection of gear to make playing your ROG Ally more comfortable while also keeping it protected.

Priced at $60 for the essentials kit–or “0.0000000085642857% of the annual defense budget,” according to Dbrand’s math–and $75 for the travel kit, this bundle also includes an optional skin for customization.

The screen protector can also be added to either bundle for $20 extra. Dbrand says the cover has a precise fit over an ROG Ally, and the kickstand comes with built-in microSD card storage. This isn’t the first time the company has made cases, as it has a line of Steam Deck accessories available as well. If you prefer console gaming, the Darkplates for PS5 consoles are also pretty great.

Now could be a good time to consider getting an ROG Ally, as with a mid-gen refresh on the horizon, prices could drop soon. The system is a pretty powerful machine–especially if you opt for the Z1 Extreme version–and can handle demanding games relatively well.

It also has a sharp 120Hz screen, 512GB of internal storage, and since it runs on Windows you can install games from a variety of storefronts on it. It doesn’t have the best battery life, and there have been reports of it ejecting microSD cards, but overall this is a good alternative to the Steam Deck.

Currently, Best Buy is offering the entry-level Asus ROG Ally Z1 for $500, while the higher-spec ROG Ally Z1 Extreme is priced at $700.