New Tarkov-Style FPS Gray Zone Warfare Is Out Today On Steam Early Access


A new extraction shooter has joined the fray, as Gray Zone Warfare launches on Steam Early Access today. Developer Madfinger Games noted that the Escape From Tarkov competitor was at No. 7 on the Steam wishlist before becoming available to purchase.

Gray Zone Warfare is set on the fictional Lamang Island and lets players pick one of three private military companies for their ex-special forces character. From there, the game offers a PvE mode or a PvEvP mode, with Madfinger Games saying the open world can fit 48 people and 1,000 AI units. Additionally, the extraction shooter boasts offering 150 different tasks whether solo or in a four-player squad.

The tactical FPS features “authentic ballistics models,” according to Madfinger Games, with weapons being customizable through hundreds of parts. The developer also says the game contains a health system that is supposed to “simulate the human body realistically.” That means players have to become well-versed in knowing what injury has taken place and how to address it.

So far, the Steam user reviews for Gray Zone Warfare are trending mostly negative. Performance issues are cited as one of the major criticisms for the shooter.

Madfinger Games has a few different Gray Zone Warfare bundles for people to buy. Each upgraded version comes with special equipment and increases a player’s locker size as well in-game currency.

The starting price for Gray Zone Warfare on Steam Early Access is $35.

Madfinger Games is offering different bundles for Gray Zone Warfare on Steam.