New Nintendo Switch Online Releases Bring Two Japanese Exclusives To The US


Three Super Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online, including two titles previously only available in Japan.

First up is Wrecking Crew ’98, a Japanese exclusive remake of the NES puzzle classic. Up to two players control Mario and Luigi as the titular wrecking crew. You line up colored panels and knock them down to clear your own screen and fill your opponents’. Clearing stages in story mode also unlocks new characters for the multiplayer versus mode. The original Wrecking Crew for NES (also exclusive to Japan) is also included in this remake.

Mario and Wario wrecking panels in Wrecking Crew ’98

Super R-Type is a gorgeous, space-themed scrolling shooter. Pick up powerful upgrades as you fly through seven stages from the deep reaches of space to body-horror-tinged alien space stations. Multiple difficulty modes can turn up the heat and jamming soundtrack solidifies its incredible presentation.

Facing off against an imposing robot in Super R-Type

Lastly, Amazing Hebereke is also getting its US debut. Developed by Sunsoft, this top-down party fighting game has you racing computer opponents in single player or wrestling and tussling with up to four players. Each stage has its own challenges and perils. The aesthetic is cute and cuddly; most of the eight playable characters are little animals like a penguin, walking fish-creature, or a little cat.

Critters battling in the rosy arena of Amazing Hebereke

All three games are available through the base Nintendo Switch Online membership. The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack includes some DLC for mainline Nintendo games, as well as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis retro libraries.