New Lego Fortnite Update Means A Pig Can Now Be Your Friend


Lego Fortnite thinks you need some animal buddies in your virtual life, so a new update arriving tomorrow, April 23, is called Farm Friends. Developer Epic will raise the recruitment cap for your village so that cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs can join your home.

On the Fortnite website, Epic says the cap will grow to 10. Lego Fortnite players can dedicate up to seven of those spaces to animals, with three solely dedicated to the cute creatures. Three slots are only available to Villagers, meaning the final four are customizable to include either group.

Along with being adorable, a major reason to recruit these Farm Friends relates to resources. All four pet pals will produce fertilizer, while they each offer their own reward, too. Chickens will drop feathers; cows can make milk; sheep will grow wool; and pigs apparently end up providing mushrooms.

Other additions with the Lego Fornite Farm Friends update include five new Villagers, like the plant-lover Ash and woodworker Cadence. One animal that won’t be a cuddly pal is a bear, so be mindful of them going forward. Bears will be hostile NPCs found out in the wilds. Meanwhile, Epic is also promising enhancements to the Village Square UI.

Last month, Lego Fortnite got official vehicles as part of an update. The Speeder, for instance, lets players get across the world faster than on foot. Additionally, March saw the added functionality for Fortnite players to create their own Lego games.

As for Fortnite overall, the battle royale game is currently in the midst of the Avatar Elements event, which features a Lego Fortnite Aang skin for people who buy the special battle pass.