Minecraft Legends – What To Do First


Minecraft Legends, the third-person RTS game set in the Minecraft universe, has finally arrived. Meant as an introduction to strategy games, Minecraft Legends offers a simpler version of the game genre, similar to how Minecraft Dungeons led players gently into Diablo-like action-RPGs. However, once you make it a few hours into the main campaign, you get let loose into the open world with the overall objective of defeating the Piglins. Here’s what you should focus on first in Minecraft Legends.

After destroying the Night Beacon base

After destroying the Night Beacon base, you will enter the regular day/night cycle of Minecraft Legends, where the Piglins either attack a village or upgrade a base every night. During the day you are free to explore, upgrade villages, and attack Piglin bases. A top priority should be placing defensives at each village, primarily building a wall and setting up arrow towers. Luckily, you are told each day which village the Piglins are targeting so you don’t need to worry about getting surprised.

After setting up proper defenses, you will want to begin building permanent upgrade buildings at the center of the map. In order to build these upgrades you will need materials, including Prismarine, which is obtained primarily from destroying enemy bases. As for which upgrades you should get first, the Redstone upgrade, increased inventory space, and increased army size upgrades are all great picks to start with. Redstone in particular allows you to build the Redstone cannon, which makes breaching enemy walls much easier. The Netherrack removal upgrade is also great, because it lets you set up your forces close to the enemy base by clearing the area for building.

Freeing the mobs

While you can find mobs, like Zombies, Creepers, and Skeletons, in the open world and recruit them, you can also unlock the ability to spawn them in. In order to do this, you need to wait a few days into your campaign at which point all of the mobs’ villages will be under siege by the Piglins. You will need to travel to each village, free the mobs in the village while pushing back the Piglins, before taking down the base set up nearby.

These bases are no joke, but with the Redstone cannon it can be made a bit easier. As for the order of priority should be Creepers, Skeletons, and lastly Zombies. Creepers are great for quickly destroying a base’s Nether Portal, which causes the entire base to collapse. You will need Coal to spawn Creepers, but having them to take down the Piglins attacking the Skeletons and Zombies will make your life a bit easier.

The Piglin Crusade

Setting up proper village defenses is just as important as taking down Piglin bases.

From here, you are free to takedown the Pigling bases set up all over the map. There are three types of Piglin bases, the Horde of the Hunt, Spore, and Bastion, each of which has their own specialties. None of these groups are more powerful than the others and instead the difficulty of each base is determined by the size of the base. On the map, the icons representing the bases are bigger or smaller, showing the difficulty of each base. If you approach a base in the open world, you will see a notification on screen of the difficulty of that particular base, rated from one to four.

At this point in the game, you should be able to take on both level one and level two bases. You will need to attack each Piglin army individually, since the third-person viewpoint makes it very difficult to launch multiple attacks at once. From here, you will need to continue to upgrade your armies and increase the power of your attacks as you take on the Piglin army.