Minecraft Adds Official Mods This Month As A Test, Third-Party Mods Still Supported


Minecraft is still growing and evolving, as Mojang and Microsoft have confirmed that a new type of DLC, add-ons, are coming to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Mojang said fans can think of add-ons as mods in that they “change the way that things in the game look and behave.” These add-ons, which can be added to existing worlds, allow players to set custom blocks, items, mobs, recipes, and whatever else they can think of.

“For example, an Add-on might create a gravestone safely storing items where a player dies, let players connect two points in the overworld with new types of portals, add never-before-seen pets to players’ worlds, or let players furnish their bases with unique tables, chairs, and more. Add-ons can be applied to multiplayer worlds and Realms, and only the world owner needs to own the Add-on,” Mojang said.

Add-ons are coming to Minecraft today, February 20, through a “preview” that’s meant to help test them and collect feedback from players before a more official rollout later on.

What’s more, Mojang confirmed non-Marketplace Minecraft mods will continue to be supported. Players can sideload mods from third-party sources as much as they want, provided these mods remain in compliance with the Minecraft End-User License Agreement (EULA).