Metal Gear Solid Rex Model Kit Up For Grabs At Amazon For Unusually Low Price


There’s a good chance that you’ll never have the funds to construct a life-sized replica of Metal Gear Rex, the iconic bipedal nuclear weapons platform and boxing ring from Metal Gear Solid. That doesn’t mean you can’t build a smaller replica, especially when companies like Kotobukiya offer a terrific model. Amazon has grabbed fresh stock of popular import, and the $100 price is significantly less than what the Metal Gear Rex kit often sells for (around $141).

You may have to click “Other sellers on Amazon” and choose to buy directly from Amazon to get the $100 deal.

It’s worth noting that Amazon rarely carries model kits on its site–these are usually third-party deals, like Bandai Namco’s Gundam line–and this is the best price you’ll get for Metal Gear Rex. Strangely, at the time of writing this, Amazon’s page defaulted to a third-party seller who has this model kit listed for $125, so you’ll need to navigate to “Other sellers on Amazon” to find the $100 listing. You’ll find this a little ways below the “Buy Now” button on mobile and desktop.

Kotobukiya Metal Gear Models

Kotobukiya Metal Gear Rex

As for the figure, this is a fun build. Metal Gear Rex has been given a slight modern makeover with new panel lines, as well as a sleek black color scheme to allow for easy painting. You can also add new caution marks and marking decals, and this mighty mecha comes with little figures of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Gray Fox when he was still in near-mint condition, and a damaged version of the cyborg ninja to recreate the famous scene where he was crushed by Rex’s massive foot.

If you feel like doubling your order, you can also pick up the “damaged” Metal Gear Solid 4 edition of Metal Gear Rex, which sports a different look. This one is slightly more expensive at $101, but it makes for a great partner piece to go with the beastly model above. If you’d prefer this version but not in a semi-broken state, the fully-equipped version of the two-legged tank is available for $130. Or if you want to pit the past against the future, Kotobukiya also has a 1/100 scale model of Metal Gear Ray to build.

For some cheaper and significantly sillier collectibles, you can’t go wrong with some Metal Gear rubber duckies! Tubbz has a fine line of collectible rubber duckie figures, and they are incredibly charming. Solid Snake, Gray Fox, and a young Revolver Ocelot all look fantastic as aquatic espionage agents and the best one is easily a Genome Soldier who comes equipped with a giant exclamation mark over their head.

Tubbz Metal Gear Solid rubber duckies

This is just too adorable.

If you haven’t picked up last year’s Metal Gear: Master Collection Vol. 1, it’s worth noting that you can snag it for Nintendo Switch, PS5, or Xbox Series X for only $30 (was $60). This deal is available at Amazon and Walmart.

you can snag it for only $30 for Nintendo Switch at Amazon and Walmart.