Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Returns In June


Meta announced that it will hold its third annual Meta Quest Gaming showcase on June 1 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. The show is expected to last over 40 minutes, with a brand new pre-show of game updates and debut trailers 15 minutes before the main show.

The Meta Quest Gaming showcase will be hosted by Oculus Studios executive producer Ruth Bram. Meta didn’t reveal much else, but there will be a post-show developer roundtable and deep-dive conversation around upcoming games, as well as new game announcements, gameplay footage, and updates to existing games during the show.

The short video clip shows a desert area with what looks to be Loki’s helmet. This could be related to developer Sanzaru Games, which made Asgard’s Wrath for Oculus Rift. The studio was acquired by Meta back in 2020 and became part of Oculus Studios.

Meta recently slashed the prices of two of its VR headsets, which are the 256GB model Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro. So if you’re looking to get one, now might be a good time. Some games for the headset include Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond and Resident Evil 4 VR.