Marvel’s Midnight Suns Drops To Its Lowest Price Yet


Just a month after release, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now available at its lowest price yet. In case you missed it when it first launched in December, Midnight Suns mixes the appeal of tactical combat with squad goals and relationship-building activities that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Fire Emblem game. At Newegg, you can use the promo code SSBCNA23 to a digital Xbox Series X|S edition of Midnight Suns for just $42.

Alternatively, and for slightly a few more dollars, you can grab Midnight Suns at Amazon for $47 if this Newegg deal sells out.

Unlike Firaxis’ XCOM games, the tactical side of Midnight Suns combines deckbuilding with more flexible strategies, allowing for fights to flip between exciting power fantasies and tense showdowns with some of the nastiest supervillains in the Marvel universe.

“A story about the power of friendship between a bunch of misfits, which is forged and strengthened through battle as much as traditional social scenarios,” Jordan Ramée wrote in GameSpot’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns review. “Midnight Suns aims to combine relationship-building with memorable role-playing moments, and the result is a stellar turn-based tactical combat title driven by interesting characters.”

Midnight Suns earned plenty of critical acclaim from outlets, and is one of the best RPGs of the year according to GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic. Later this year, there’ll be more content released for the game that expands its roster, adding the likes of Venom, Deadpool, Storm, and Morbius to the cast. Oh yes, it’s Morbin’ time.