Marvel Snap’s February Update Adds The Thanos Support Squad


Marvel Snap’s next update kicks off on February 6, and for anyone wielding a Thanos deck, it’s going to be a great month to enhance your collection with the new cards being introduced. February is all about Thanos’ support squad, the Black Order, a gang of ruthless enforcers who are all devoted to the Titan’s plan to gather the Infinity Stones and introduce a 50% discount to universal life.

Players can expect five new cards to roll out over the course of the month alongside two new zones, and several stylish new variants will be available for purchase. For the cards, you can expect new characters who’ll help you gather the Infinity Stones more quickly, shut down some pesky abilities, and help add some power to your zones.

Black Swan, for example, will make all your one-cost cards cost zero, allowing you to easily play several Infinity Stone cards, while Obsidian Cull is a four-cost card with 10 power that can only be played on a zone where you already have a one-cost card. Supergiant will come in handy when you’re facing off against anyone fielding a Leech or Professor X deck as you can prevent those cards from activating their On Reveal effects, and Corvus Glaive pairs well with Proxima Midnight if you incorporate discard techniques in your strategy.

For the new zones, Black Vortex will add a random Infinity Stone card to your hand–these all have On Reveal effects so they can come in handy even if you’re not playing a Thanos deck–and Sanctuary II will transform the first card you play there into a random six-cost card. In the Marvel Snap store, there’ll be four new albums dropping every week and limited-time Artgerm takeover starting February 29 and ending on March 1, just in case you want to grab some variants featuring the popular artist’s work.

New Marvel Snap Black Order cards

Black Swan is going to make it real easy to play your Infinity Stone cards.

Black Swan

On reveal: Until the end of the next turn, all your one-cost cards cost zero.


On reveal: All cards played next turn don’t reveal until the game ends.

Obsidian Cull

You can only play this where you have a one-cost card.

Corvus Glaive

On reveal: Discard two cards from your hands to get +1 max energy.

Proxima Midnight

When this is discarded, jumps to your lowest-power location (that isn’t full).

New Marvel Snap Locations

Better hope you draw a Hulk!

Black Vortex

Add a random Infinity Stone to your hand.

Sanctuary II

The first card you play here becomes a random six-cost card.

Marvel Snap was a critical success when it launched and it was crowned as one of the best mobile games of 2022. Native PC support via Steam was added in August 2023.