Marvel Snap Decks – Best Nimrod Decks For Season Pass Owners


Marvel Snap’s newest season pass, Days of Future Past, introduces us to a new card: Nimrod. Nimrod is a 5-Cost card with 5-Power and when it is destroyed, it creates copies of itself at the other locations.

Nimrod’s effect can seem a bit random at times since the copies go to the other locations, but that one 5-Cost card turns into two 5-Cost cards to surprise your opponent as soon as it is destroyed. It can continue to multiply as long as you have the space on the board available. Though its power is nothing major, you can increase its power with other cards, which will retroactively increase the copies it creates after being destroyed. In our best Pool 2 and Pool 3 decks, we did cover two different Destroy decks: Devastating Destruction and Destructive Delinquent respectively. Nimrod is able to advance Destroy decks even more so through its copy spawn ability.

Season Pass cards are always especially influential, since some cards, such as Nimrod, can only be unlocked for the time being by purchasing the roughly $15 Premium Pass. This guide will cover a few of the best Nimrod-based decks, how to boost your already efficient Destroy-centric decks, and even if you are not the sort of cardfighter to purchase Marvel Snap’s season passes, these decks will still be applicable to use in the future when you do eventually access Nimrod due to the game’s progressive card rollout system.

Nefarious Nimrod

Nefarious Nimrod gives us many different win conditions. Death is an apparent one used in Destroy decks, which will have its cost decreased, but Knull is a massive powerhouse with its potential to have more than 20 power on a single card without The Infinaut’s drawback of not playing any cards on turn five. Knull is a 6-Cost and 0-Power card with the Ongoing ability that allows it to have the combined power of all cards destroyed in the game–and not just our own cards, but the cards of the opponent, too.

With Yondu, we destroy the top card of the opponent’s deck, which adds to Knull. Killmonger will destroy all 1-Cost cards on the board, so even though it destroys our own Yondu, it prevents swarming low-cost decks opponents are playing. At the moment, one of the best decks involves Thanos with his Infinity Stones, but since the Infinity Stones are all 1-Cost cards, we can eradicate our enemy’s board with ease through Killmonger.

Wave allows us to play Nimrod a turn earlier or have an easy Death to play if we continue to get denied by an opponent’s Armor or Cosmo.

Nefarious Nimrod Deck List

An example of a Nimrod combo is to play Yondu on turn one to destroy the top card of the opponent’s deck. Play Bucky Barnes or Wolverine on turn two at Yondu’s location. Then play Wave on turn three at a different location, and then play Nimrod on turn four on the location with Bucky or Wolverine and Yondu. On turn five, we want to use Carnage to destroy Nimrod, Bucky or Wolverine, and Yondu, but since we have three energy still left over on turn five, we play Venom on an empty location, where one of the Nimrod copies will spawn after Carnage destroys the initial one on board.

With this combo, we already have a 6-Power Winter Soldier, a 5-Power Nimrod copy, and an 8-Power Carnage all at a single location. While our other locations will have two Nimrod copies alongside Wave, and our third location will have a Nimrod copy with a 6-Power Venom. With one turn still remaining, on turn six, we can play Knull, which should reach more than 20 Power with ease.

You can also swap out Wolverine or Deathlok for Psylocke. By playing Psylocke on turn three, we will have five energy on turn four to play Nimrod. Having both Psylocke and Wave allows us more options to get Nimrod on the board much quicker, since having to play Nimrod on our turn five does feel a bit late due to our turn six hopefully consisting of playing a massively powered Knull.

Nurturing Nimrod

Nurturing Nimrod is focused on buffing Nimrod through the means of other cards. Having Okoye allows us to increase the power of Nimrod by one for the duration of the match through her On Reveal ability. Being able to have 5-Cost Nimrods with 6-Power allows us to increase the power of the copies we create when destroying any of the Nimrods. The Hood is a solid card we can destroy through Killmonger or Carnage to have a 1-Cost Demon with 6-Power dominate a location.

Shang-Chi is used to counter many decks running hugely powered cards such as The Infinaut, Apocalypse, America Chavez, She-Hulk, Red Skull, and Magneto to name a few. With the use of cards such as Jubilee and Lockjaw, many players play these decks to bring out their high-powered cards without having to actually play them for energy. Shang-Chi is able to completely annihilate these problems for us.

Nurturing Nimrod Deck List

This deck is more focused on Nimrod as our ace card, but with the use of Sera reducing the cost of all cards in our hand, turn six gives us a few different opportunities. Playing Bishop earlier in the game will allow us to consistently increase its power by one each time another card is played. Bishop cannot be shut off from Enchantress or Cosmo, since Bishop does not use the keywords: Ongoing or On Reveal to further increase its power.

Having the reduction of card cost through Sera, we can play more cards or play Forge before playing Bishop to have a 3-Power Bishop on the field by turn three. Then, we can allow Bishop to just win a location by itself a lot of the time.

You can swap in cards such as Nakia to also be able to increase the power of Nimrod, though Nakia only increases the power of the leftmost cards in hand by two power.

Nasty Nimrod

Nasty Nimrod is played by using Galactus’ ability to completely destroy the entire board and annihilate two locations. Galactus’ On Reveal ability is that, when it is played on a location, if it is the only card there, it destroys every other location and the cards on it. When Wolverine or Nimrod are destroyed from those other locations, Nimrod will create a copy on our Galactus location and Wolverine will regenerate with an increase of two power, as well.

Our other strategy is to flood our opponent with negative effects. Scorpion is an incredible 2-Cost card that will reduce the entire hand of the opponent by one power. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin will fly to the opponent’s location to have it be minus 3-Power and minus 8-Power respectively. We can further double the negative power decrease with Shuri.

Nasty Nimrod Deck List

Even without Galactus, we can set up with Nova, Bucky Barnes, and Wolverine from our prior turns to play Destroyer on our final turn. Destroyer will destroy every other card of ours, but we will have Winter Soldier, Nimrod’s copies, and a powered-up Wolverine that does stay on board after Destroyer’s destructive effect. Destroyer also can win us locations by the Shuri Hobgoblin combo from previous turns, since it will not destroy these cards that our opponent will have a troublesome time getting rid of.

Nimrod is an excellent addition for Destroy decks, but it is such a late-game card that using Wave or Psylocke seems to be the best way to get it out because of its 5-Cost. Hopefully, Nimrod gets buffed such as reducing its cost to be a 4-Cost with 5-Power, or even Nimrod becoming a 5-Cost with 6-Power.

Nimrod needs a few buffs to make it really contend with the other best decks on the ladder. This season pass card is not as game-changing or meta-shifting as Silver Surfer or Zabu were upon their releases. As long as we get more cards centered on the destruction mechanics we have in the game, this type of archetype and engine can thrive alongside the On Reveal or Ongoing decks we currently have. Future cards such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and the Black Knight prove that there is a place for Destroy decks with variety, but just not currently with the way Nimrod is with its cost and power.

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