Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Gets New Local Co-Op And Casual Modes


Nintendo has revealed some fresh twists for the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake on Switch. The game will feature two new worlds–called Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit–as well as a local co-op mode where another person can control Toad.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s new worlds mean there will be more than 130 levels for the remake. Nintendo highlighted Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit in a recently released gameplay trailer on YouTube. The video also showcases Toad teaming up with Mario to solve puzzles in the game.

Those aren’t the only additions to Mario vs. Donkey Kong, either. The game will offer a Casual mode, which tones down the difficulty and provides extra chances when things go wrong. Nintendo is also promising Plus levels, Expert levels, and Time Attack for the remake.

Originally a Game Boy Advance title that launched in 2004, the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake was unveiled at a Nintendo Direct last September. The Switch game is set to release on February 16. Mario vs. Donkey will cost $50, with preorders live at Amazon.

This year looks to be full of remasters and remakes in general for Nintendo’s hybrid console. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is coming to Switch in 2024 and was also announced at the September Direct, alongside Another Code: Recollection. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is headed to Switch sometime this year as well.