Many Of Square Enix’s Best Games Are Steeply Discounted For Golden Week


Green Man Gaming is holding a massive sale in honor of the Japenese Golden Week Festival this week. While games from many publishers are on sale, some of the best deals are for Square Enix RPGs, including many of the company’s best releases in recent memory.

Two of the best deals are for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, both of which are 60% off for GMG XP members. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first of the planned Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy that reimagines the characters and storyline of the 1997 turn-based RPG on PS1 into a 3D action RPG, while folding in many of the characters, events, and lore from the numerous FFVII spinoffs released after the original game. You can pick up the PC version for just $28 (was $70) at GMG.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster of the PSP original and is a prequel to both the original FFVII and the FFVII Remake trilogy. While it’s not part of the core FFVII remake trilogy, Reunion upgrades Crisis Core’s gameplay and graphics to be closer to FFVII Remake and Rebirth. Reunion features the same voice cast as the Remake trilogy, which makes it feels even more cohesive with this new version of FFVII. You can grab it for just $20 (was $60) at GMG.

Note that to get the full 60% discounts, you need to be a GMG XP member. GMG XP is free to join, but unlocking the extra savings requires you to spend at least $1 first. Otherwise, the discount for both games is only 50% off–which is still a great deal. For an alternative option, Humble Bundle also has both games for 50% off, and a portion of your purchases goes to charity.

Both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion are worth picking up if you plan to play the recently-released second part of the remake trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is currently a PS5 exclusive, but a PC version is expected to launch in the near future.

More Final Fantasy Deals

While the Final Fantasy VII discounts are the big draws in GMG’s Golden Week sales, there are a bunch more great Square Enix deals on offer, including huge price drops on the rest of the Final Fantasy franchise. You can grab PC versions of almost every mainline entry and numerous spinoffs like Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and World of Final Fantasy. Once again, GMG’s prices are lowest for XP members. Many of the games are also on sale at Humble Bundle at prices similar to GMG’s non-XP discounts.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

More Square Enix Golden Week Deals

Of course, Square Enix makes much more than just Final Fantasy, and plenty of the publisher’s other marquee franchises are included in GMG’s sale. You can grab PC versions of beloved RPGs like Octopath Traveler II, Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition, Chrono Trigger, and Nier: Automata at big discounts, as well as select entries from smaller series like Mana, Star Ocean, and more. The sale is also a great time to pick up the publisher’s smaller, experimental games like Dungeon Encounters, Harvestella, and Paranormasight.

Check out the list below for a roundup of some of the best Square Enix Golden Week deals at GMG and Humble. And if you’re still hungry for more Golden Week deals, be sure to check out discounts from other Japanese publishers like Capcom, NIS America, Koei Tecmo, and Bandai Namco. Just like with the Final Fantasy deals, XP Members get the best prices, but even non-XP members can save a hefty chunk on all these games. And if you prefer Humble Bundle, most are on sale there, too.