Manor Lords Out Now With Limited-Time Discount


Manor Lords, the medieval strategy game, is out now in Early Access/Game Preview, and publisher Hooded Horse is offering a nice discount at launch. The game is priced at $40 USD but Hooded Horse is offering a 25% discount on the full game for the first two weeks, dropping the price to $30.

“Early Access isn’t for everyone, [and] if you check back later the game will just keep getting better and better,” Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender said. “We want you to make the right decision for you, without any pressure or rush of any kind.”

The game’s digital soundtrack and artbook are also marked down by 25% for the first two weeks, dropping their prices down to $4, down from $5. These launch discounts will end on May 10.

PC Game Pass users can get the game at no extra cost, and like other Game Preview titles, there is a free trial available. The Windows PC store page lists a price of $40 for Manor Lords and also mentions that the game is optimized for Xbox Series X|S despite not even being announced for console. GameSpot has contacted Hooded Horse in an attempt to clarify.

Manor Lords was developed by a single person, Greg, who is asking people to leave their feedback.

Manor Lords was one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, reaching 3.2 million player wishlists, according to Hooded Horse. The publisher is promising regular updates to the game.