Magic: The Gathering Doctor Who Cards Are Discounted Ahead Of Black Friday


Magic: The Gathering collectors can save on Doctor Who Commander Decks at Amazon ahead of Black Friday 2023. The decks come with everything you need to start playing.

The Paradox Power and Blast from the Past Commander Decks are the most compelling offers, as each deck is down to $42 (normally $57). Each of these bundles includes 100 cards, a two-card collector booster sample pack, and all the accessories needed to play a game of MTG. Included among those 100 cards are 50 never-before-seen cards with artwork from the iconic series.

There are four Doctor Who Commander Decks in all, though only three of them are discounted. The Timey-Wimey Commander Deck, which has been out of stock much of the time since launch, will set you back $20-$30 more than the other three. However, you can take advantage of a bundle deal that includes all four Doctor Who Commander Decks for $184, which is an average of $46 per deck.

If you really like Doctor Who, the Collector’s Booster Box comes with 12 packs with 15 cards each for $204. The cool thing about these Collector Boosters is that you get at least seven and up to 14 cards dubbed Rare or better. Six or seven of the cards have extended, exclusive artwork. Those who don’t want to drop $200 on this bundle can buy a single Collector Booster pack for $23.45.

Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who Commander Decks

Magic: The Gathering Doctor Who Commander Deck Bundle

Doctor Who isn’t the only popular franchise to get a Magic: The Gathering crossover in 2023. Earlier this year, the Tales of Middle-earth set brought a collection of brand-new Lord of the Rings cards to MTG. Right now, you can get the Tales of Middle-earth starter kit for only $20 (down from $36) at Amazon. This starter kit includes two decks and everything you need to start playing MTG. Here’s a look at more Magic: The Gathering LOTR cards:

Next year will bring another very exciting crossover to the Magic: The Gathering universe, Bethesda’s Fallout series. You can preorder Magic: The Gathering x Fallout cards now at Amazon.