Lies Of P Drops To Lowest Price Yet For PS5 And Xbox Series X


If you’ve already played all the Souls games, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne, but still have a hankering for some tough-as-nails action-RPG goodness, then we have the deal for you. Lies of P is currently on sale for its lowest price yet at Amazon and Best Buy. Not only is the game a great Souls-like, but also a very clever take on one of literature’s most famous stories.

Lies of P

Normally $60, Lies of P is on sale right now for $45, which is the lowest price yet on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PS4. Best Buy has physical editions for all three console platforms up for grabs. At Amazon, however, only the PlayStation editions are discounted to $45. It’s worth noting that Lies of P is available on Xbox Game Pass, though it’s unlikely it’ll permanent inclusion. PC players can snag a Steam key for $45 at GameSpot sister site Fanatical.

Set in an apocalyptic city called Krat that has been overrun by homicidal puppets, Lies of P stars Pinocchio as he battles his way through the wreckage and attempts to help those who have survived. Its story mixes in some other classic fairy tales in clever ways, and developer Neowiz Games made some clever tweaks the the established Souls-like formula. Most of the game’s weapons can have their blades and hilts swapped out, offering nearly endless possibilities for combat. A prosthetic arm also allows you to battle enemies with rockets, electrified punches, and explosive counter-attacks.

The Souls-like will take most players more than 20 hours to complete.