Lego Horizon Game Reportedly Set For PS5 And PC, Getting Summer Game Fest Reveal


A Lego Horizon game, called Lego Horizon Adventures, is reportedly going to be announced during Summer Game Fest.

According to Dealabs, the game is an action-adventure one and will be released simultaneously on PS5 and PC. It also reportedly supports co-op as well as cross-platform play between both platforms. For the PC version of the game, it will apparently require a PSN account to access, something that players have taken issue with in the past, especially with Helldivers 2. However, it seems like Sony is still moving forward with the requirement for future releases on PC.

Additionally, the game will also reportedly support in-app purchases. Whether it’s in the form of microtransactions or DLC is currently unknown.

Back in 2022, developer Guerrilla Games confirmed that it was working on a separate online project set in the Horizon universe. It was said to have a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look. The Lego franchise does have a unique aesthetic, so it’s possible that this is what the studio was referring to.

Two other rumored Horizon games are a PS5 remake or remaster of the first game and a separate multiplayer online game. However, Sony has not confirmed either of these at the moment.