How To Find The Sacred Tree Location In Skull And Bones


There are dozens of outposts and settlements you can visit throughout

It’s fairly hard to miss, as the outpost features a massive autumnal tree in the center of it. The tree extends higher and further than any other tree around it, so once you see it, head toward the shore to disembark.

You’ll get off your ship near the base of the tree, and you can head up to the top of it to find a Pirate’s Bonfire. By “throwing powder” at the bonfire, you give your crew a boost of stamina regeneration for 30 minutes.

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Once you’ve made it to the Sacred Tree outpost, explore the surrounding areas and you’ll eventually be able to find various blueprints for your ship, weapons, and ship furniture. However, to earn those rewards, you’ll have to complete contracts for the inhabitants of the Sacred Tree. Those inhabitants are the Fara people, so look out for Fara Warriors to start contracts at the outpost.