How To Break Destructible Walls In Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden


Outburst is unlocked during the quest Old Acquaintances when your objective is to simply “reach New Eden Town.” You’ll have a sub-objective to rest at shelter, at which point Red and Antea will discuss the events so far, including Kate and Deborah. For me, this occurred at the Mossy Watchtower campfire, which is in the swamp environment, shortly before the old fort. It took around eight hours, give or take, to reach this point.

This includes the Outburst skill tree which has plenty of helpful perks during combat, some of which are in our guide to the best skills in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. Whenever you find yourself surrounded by multiple enemies, switching to Antea and unleashing a fully charged Outburst is an excellent way to give yourself some breathing room and deal a lot of damage in one go.

Antea’s Outburst skill

When you do have Outburst at your disposal, you can head back through the areas you’ve previously explored. These will usually be hiding collectibles such as cursed chests, or enemies to defeat such as nests, elites, or even scourges. You’ll also find the odd void breach for an additional challenge. If you want to 100% complete Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, make sure you fully explore these paths when you can.

Another blocker you’ll encounter in Banishers is creeping ivy, but we also have a guide on that to help you learn how to get rid of it, as it is slightly more complex than the destructible walls. We’ve also covered which oath you should pledge and the Ben/Jacob decision you must make during The Flesh Is Weak Haunting Case early on in the game.