Hogwarts Legacy Summer Update Drops June 6, Includes Photo Mode


Hogwarts Legacy is getting its first major update in a while this summer, and it includes a number of features that players have been asking for. The free update arrives June 6, and it includes a photo mode, a new Onyx Hippogriff mount, Harry Potter’s glasses, and other additions.

We don’t have the full details on this update yet, but we do have an idea of the highlights thanks to an image that publishing label Portkey Games posted to social media. It includes a screencap of the photo mode in action, with typical options like tilt, depth of field, and different character poses. It also notes a new quest, titled the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop, which will bring some fresh adventure to the game.

The update will add the ability to reset your character’s talent points, which is always a welcome option in any game with a talent tree. The post also lists a few other minor additions that are coming with the patch, including the aforementioned Hippogriff mount and Harry Potter’s glasses (titled The Glasses That Lived), an Azkaban Prisoner outfit, a Lavender Borealis broom, and the Felix Felicis Potion recipe.

The first major game in the Harry Potter universe in years, Hogwarts Legacy has enjoyed strong sales since its release. For example, it recently ranked as the 20th most downloaded PS5 game for the month of April, more than a year after it first came out.

Hogwarts Legacy is developed by Avalanche Software, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game has been embroiled in controversy due to transphobic remarks from Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Although she is not personally involved with its development, she stands to profit from its success. For more, read our in-depth article on how Rowling’s comments have impacted the trans community. In this article, you will also find links to trans creators you can support, as well as charities you can donate to.