Helldivers 2 Devs Tease The Upcoming Launch Of Its First Mech, The Exo-45 Patriot


Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead has shared a sneak peek at its new mech Exosuit before it starts enforcing democracy on the planets surrounding Super Earth, and it’s expected to be arriving “soon” in the game.

Veterans of the first Helldivers game will be very familiar with the concept of Exosuits, as several of these could be called down during battle. The EXO-44 Walker was armed with the MG-11 minigun and eight anti-infantry homing missiles, the EXO-48 Obsidian had twin 20mm autocannons, and the EXO-51 Lumberer had a flamethrower equipped to finish off anything still surviving after being hit with its 90mm cannon.

The new EXO-45 Patriot looks like a reliable fighter in middle- to long-range engagements, as it has what appears to be a missile-pod on its left side and a minigun on the right. If these new Exosuits are anything like the original models, expect to need plenty of clearance space when calling one in, as they made a big impact in the original game.

A few other strategems have snuck into Helldivers 2 recently, as players have reported using these powerful abilities in Helldivers 2 ahead of their formal release. Helldivers 2 has a Game Master and the architect of some of the most brutal campaigns in the game may be using recruits to test out these abilities before they roll out to other players.

Meanwhile, Elgato’s Stream Deck has become the go-to tool for quickly calling in stratagems, as mapping the commands for a bunker-buster bomb to a single button helps take some stress out of the fight for liberty.