Hellblade 2 Will Let You Delete Your Save File, But Not In A Cool Way


Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 has an option to delete your save file, if that’s something you need, but the method isn’t as clear as you may think. After you’ve started a playthrough, the main screen will continue to greet you with the option to begin a “new story”. While useful, Hellblade 2 only has a single save file.

“If you hit ‘new story,’ it will instantly and without any warning delete all your save data,” GameSpot editor Jessica Cogswell wrote on X (formerly Twitter) today. “This was a fun thing to discover.”

Now you know to be especially careful if you’re playing Hellblade 2 at night after a long day and your focus isn’t exactly as sharp as it could be. In case it’s worth mentioning, this is different than the “permadeath” mechanic in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which threatened to delete your save file but actually didn’t.

In GameSpot’s Hellblade 2 review, Cogswell praised the impressive visuals, motion capture, and performances at display, as well as music and overall sound design. But other aspects fell flat.

“There are plenty of games that prove games can be art, but as some studios lean harder into proving that in one specific way that cribs from Hollywood, we’re seeing some games that feel afraid of being games,” the review reads. “With too much focus on cinematics and too little on creating an experience that is engaging, Senua’s Saga fails to reach the same highs as its predecessor–even if it does look stunning whilst trying.”