Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within Patch Notes


After ten long months, 343 Industries released a new Halo Infinite season. Season 3, Echoes Within, introduces lots of new features to the game, such as balance changes being made to ranked mode that’ll reduce the amount of ammo you can hold in certain guns while playing ranked, new Forge features that’ll allow you to customize specific 343 Industries maps, and more. Here are all the changes happening in Season 3.

Download Size

The Season 3 update download size will vary based on your platform of choice.

  • Xbox Consoles: 32.1 GB or less
  • Microsoft Store app or Xbox app on PC: 27.7 GB or less
  • Steam: 25 GB or less

Forge features

Now whenever players are in Forge mode, they can edit their version of officially 343 maps. You can also remove specific items on these maps to open up new areas not included in the original maps. It is worth mentioning that a few maps can’t be edited. Listed below are the maps that are fully supported:

  • Recharge
  • Aquarius
  • Live Fire
  • Streets
  • Behemoth
  • Launch Site
  • Bazaar
  • Catalyst
  • Fragmentation
  • Deadlock
  • Highpower
  • Breaker
  • Oasis
  • Cliffhanger
  • Chasm

In addition to the fully supported maps, two new game modes can now be implemented in Forge. Players will now have the option to create custom games and maps based on Land Grab and Total Control. They’ll also be able to add an invisible gravity lift and invisible kinetic launcher on their maps.

Custom games changes

Now whenever players are in the Custom Games Mode editor menu, they can enable friendly and enemy outlines to help them spot each other easily. They’ll also be able to adjust if friendly players can crash into one another or simply pass through them.

Menu Changes

The Halo Infinite Shop will no longer change its weekly items on Tuesday at 11 AM PST. Instead, the store will update every Tuesday and Friday going forward. If there’s a bundle included in the shop, there’ll be a white banner with a magnifying glass and package icon located on the picture, and if the bundle is new to the shop, a yellow triangle will appear on the top right corner.

The shop page has introduced a new “Quick Look” feature. Whenever a player is looting an item/bundle, a list will appear telling them what’s included in the bundle.

Changes to the Post-Game Carnage Report have also been made. At the end of a game, players can see new shades added to their earned medals to showcase how rare each one is. Team Statics will now appear in the Team Lineup tab, so the other person’s character, Nameplate, and Backdrop will appear whenever someone selects a player from their team.

PC Only

PC players can now enable Ray Traced Sun Shadows. This can be done by entering the settings menu, and when it’s enabled, all shadows cast by the sun will be more detailed. However, it’s important to mention that this feature doesn’t apply to the campaign.

Balance Changes

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol charge time has been increased, and it’s now less aggressive while it’s tracking the charge.

VK78 Commando Rifle

It only takes nine shots now to break a player’s shield with the VK78 Commando Rifle.

Ranked Only

The amount of starting ammo for the CQS48 Bulldog, Shock Rifle, Heatwave, and Stalker Rifle has all been reduced.

Resolved issues and fixed bugs

  • PC players will now receive haptic feedback on their controllers while sliding when they play at 60fps
  • Xbox Series X|S players should see a more stable reconnection to the servers when using Quick Resume or suspended state.
  • Players can now pause cutscenes in the campaign and Academy.
  • Power weapons will now spawn properly on their maps.
  • During an Elimination match, players can’t revive each other inside the Danger Zone.
  • Players can no longer see through some walls.
  • Players can no longer stand on top of invisible ledges on Breaker.
  • Rockets can’t be fired at the maintenance door on Launch Site.
  • Players can no longer throw grenades through the ground while playing in the Yard area of the map Live Fire.
  • It’s now easy to hear an enemy’s footsteps.
  • Changes have been made to address desync during online matches.
  • The Oddball will now be visible when players use the “Oddball Champion” stance.
  • Plasma Pistol animation is no longer delayed.
  • Improvements have been made to the intro and outro of both the Argyle and Detachment Multiplayer maps.
  • The health bar will now appear on the top of the screen after a player joins a game of Tactical Slayer that is already in progress.
  • The lights have been dimmed on Argyle and Detachment.
  • The damage and explosive visual effects have been improved for the Ghost.
  • When a player loads into a Forge map, they’ll have the proper lighting.
  • Lighting will appear correctly for Custom Games split-screen.
  • When playing Custom Games across multiple different Forge maps, objects used on an earlier map will no longer maintain their swatch and color on the next map.
  • It’s now easier to hear Kinetic Launcher or Gravity Lift.
  • Voice lines and other players firing weapons now have less of an impact on the volume of firing your own weapon.
  • The volume of both projectiles barely misses the player, and the volume of projectiles impacting a nearby surface has been increased.
  • Voice lines now have less of an impact on the volume of melee and grenade explosion sound effects.
  • Sound effects for nearby but non-damaging explosions are now slightly more detailed.
  • A speech-to-text window will always appear on the most recently saved messages.
  • Newly promoted fireteam leaders can now select a playlist.
  • XP grants will now give out the correct amount of XP when used.
  • Customized items will now appear in the Multiplayer menu after finishing an online match or Forge session.
  • Xbox players can now see their Gamertags and profiles when looking for Froge content.
  • Load time for the menus has been reduced.
  • Correct battle passes will show up when they are purchased.
  • Players can no longer use XP Grants once they reach level 100 on a Battle Pass.
  • When the Fireteam Leader selects a player in the Custom Games lobby menu, they are now able to promote or boot the player via the Player Options menu.
  • After rejoining a Custom Game, players will no longer have their first-person model spawn in a different location than their third-person model.
  • Players are now able to join sessions via the Custom Games Browser more consistently.
  • When joining a Custom Game Browser session after the match has ended, players will now be taken to the Custom Game lobby of that session instead of remaining in the Custom Game Browser menu.
  • In the Customs Browser menu, clearing the selected Tags no longer clears the selected Gamertags.
  • The sound activation effect for Active Camo no longer replays after changing camera perspectives in Theater mode.
  • Players will no longer be removed from fire teams when the leader selects the end game at the end of a Forge match.
  • Improved stability of Forge sessions when players are joining an in-progress session.
  • When previewing a sound for an Audio Emitter object in Forge, the previewed sound will now stop playing when the Object Properties menu is closed.
  • Dynamic objects now retain their selected texture after being duplicated.
  • Players can now swap between transform modes, such as scaling or rotating, while actively editing a selected object.
  • After falling from a tall height in Spartan Play mode, the falling audio no longer plays once players swap to Monitor mode.
  • Scaled objects will no longer revert to their original size when they are being used as part of a saved Prefab object.
  • Forge sessions will no longer crash after players duplicate a Script Brain with a massive number of Node Graphs attached to it.
  • Smaller objects included as part of a larger Prefab object will no longer shift after loading into a map.
  • Improvements have been made to server stability while moving or duplicating Prefab objects that are made up of a large number of smaller objects.
  • When entering Monitor mode, Prefab objects made up of multiple objects will no longer break apart into their individual components.
  • Object textures will no longer turn black while manipulating an object.
  • The Static Object Budget will now appropriately increase when new static objects are placed or duplicated.
  • Objects’ selected Color Spread values now appear consistent across Forge and Custom Games.
  • Collaborators will now consistently load into the latest version of the selected Forge map.
  • Players can no longer bypass Copy Protection when selecting a Prefab object.
  • Screenshots made for Prefab objects in the Details menu now save consistently.
  • Players will now receive a warning message whenever the name or description of their Forge map, mode, or Prefab contains any restricted characters.
  • Players can now consistently remove themselves as collaborators on another player’s Forge creation.
  • If the ownership of a map is given to a new player, they will now be able to manage other collaborators consistently.
  • Forge maps will now save more consistently.
  • When viewing a Bookmarked file, the File Details now display all the relevant information, such as the version number, published state, and creator name.
  • Players can now access Weapon Lockers and Vehicle Terminals after enabling Linear Navigation Mode via the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu.

For more information on all of the changes made to Halo Infinite Season 3, be sure to check out the official Halo Website for more information, and check out our Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within: New Mode, Maps, Battle Pass, And More for a better look at what Season 3 has to offer.