Halo Infinite February Update Will Nerf Picking Up And Dropping Weapons


343 Industries has revealed some of the changes that are coming to Halo Infinite’s February 15 update. The full patch notes will be coming on release day.

As for big changes, the Ranked CSR widget should communicate changes in CSR more clearly. The Winter Update added these modules. This patch will fine-tune their presentation and hopefully make the changes, up or down, easier to understand. In the Ranked Arena playlist, each Weapon Rank will be set to a “red” state after a weapon is picked up. This means a new weapon will not spawn back on the rack until the original has de-spawned.

Dropping a weapon will now take the same amount of time as switching weapons. According to 343 Industries, dropping weapons had become standard practice in competitive Halo and players had been expressing concerns about how often weapons were dropped. This change will discourage competitive players from dropping their weapons instead of switching. In weapon-specific changes, grenades will have a slightly lower blast radius. The sniper rifles error angle while no-scoping has also been reduced.

As for bug fixes, the patch makes client and server stability improvements, reduces gun jamming with semi-automatic weapons, and prevents a visual bug where semi-automatic weapons appeared to be double-firing from a third-person perspective. You can check out the revealed changes, as well as 343 Industries’ explanations on the Halo Waypoint blog.