Goth Fashion And Medieval Castles Are Coming To The Sims 4


Players voted, and now the results are in: The next two content kits to be released for The Sims 4 will have goth fashion and castle building themes, respectively.

Aesthetic-oriented Sims 4 players will soon be able to get their hands on both the Castle Estate Kit and the Goth Galore Kit, giving creative Simmers access to a collective 49 new pieces of clothing and Build Mode items to build the castle of their dreams and fill it with fashion-savvy Sims.

The Castle Estate kit includes 25 items for building the perfect royal getaway, featuring accents like arched windows, stone walls, a castle gate, and even llama-shaped gargoyles. The Goth Galore Kit is focused more on fashion than form, with 24 new clothing items for the edgiest of Sims, like combat boots, mesh tops, black lipstick, and leather jackets.

Kits are small, curated item collections that typically retail for far less than expansion packs, and feature items with more niche themes. One of the first kits introduced to the game was focused entirely on vacuum cleaners, for example. From time to time, EA holds community votes, allowing players to choose what the contents of the next kit (or occasionally, expansion pack) will be. In this instance, players voted for the Goth Galore Kit over a lighter, pastel-themed collection, and picked the Castle Estate Kit over a futuristic building kit. Kits generally cost about $4.99 USD.

The Castle Estate Kit and Goth Galore Kit will be available on all platforms starting January 18. For more information on the new kits (and a closer look at the items they include), check out EA’s blog post revealing the winners of the community vote.