Get Star Wars Jedi: Survivor For Only $30 On PS5 And Xbox Series X


If you can’t get enough Star Wars in your life, then Respawn Entertainment’s small slice of lightsaber-wielding action is not to be missed. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, one of the biggest games of 2023, is on sale for only $30 for PS5 and Xbox Series X at multiple retailers for Black Friday 2023. Unsurprisingly, this $40 discount drops the price to its lowest ever, so now’s a great time to continue the adventures of Cal Kestis as he faces off against the Empire and its deadly enforcers.

PS5 owners can pick up the physical edition of the game for the $30 price at Walmart and Target. On Xbox, you can get the physical edition at Target or the digital edition at Walmart for $30. At this time, Amazon is sold out of this deal for both PS5 and Xbox.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Black Friday PS5 deal — $30 ($70)

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Black Friday Xbox Series X deal — $30 ($70)

Though it had a rocky launch due to the performance issues, the console versions of Survivor are in great shape now. Especially when compared to the PC version which still has optimization issues (you can get a Steam key for $42 at Amazon). Like the previous game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Survivor is a third-person action-adventure with metroidvania elements in its level design.

Kestis is a seasoned Jedi Knight by the time you start playing this sequel, and as you journey across the Outer Rim of the galaxy, he’ll become even stronger in the ways of the Force. Not just a thrilling display of Jedi power, Survivor also has an excellent story that is full of triumph and tragedy.

“Exhilarating lightsaber combat and physics-defying platforming puzzle challenges remain the best part of Respawn’s latest Star Wars game, but Survivor also makes big swings with its story this time around,” Jordan Ramée wrote in GameSpot’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review. “Cal’s quest takes him to new corners of the galaxy, but the most compelling journey he makes is an introspective one. Survivor is a very well-written tale about overcoming fear, and it’s the Jedi story I’ve wanted for a long time.”