Get A 1TB Xbox Storage Expansion Card For Only $105 Before It Sells Out


Xbox Series X|S owners who are running out of storage space only have two options for expansion without limiting functionality: Seagate or Western Digital’s proprietary Xbox Expansion Cards. As such, it’s typically more expensive to increase your storage space on Xbox than it is on PS5 (and certainly Nintendo Switch). But today is a good day for those in the market for an expansion card. Amazon-owned retailer Woot is selling the Seagate 1TB Expansion Card for only $105, down from $150. Woot has marked this deal as “clearance,” and it’s set to expire in about two weeks–but it almost certainly won’t remain in stock for that long. This is a tremendous deal, so you should grab it quickly if interested.

Amazon and Best Buy are selling the 1TB Seagate Expansion Card for $140. That $10 discount isn’t bad considering deals are uncommon in general, but Woot’s deal is obviously much better.

This tiny card pops into a slot on the back of the Series X and Series S. Along with Western Digital’s C50 Expansion Card, these devices are currently the only external storage option for the new Xbox consoles that will allow you to play Xbox Series X games without transferring the files to the internal drive first.

Since the Xbox Series X both utilize a noticeable chunk of storage space out of the box, Seagate’s Expansion Card will more than double your usable space. The Series X has 802GB of usable space by default, and the 512GB Series S only has about 364GB of usable space. Series S owners who are subscribed to Game Pass are surely aware of how quickly storage space can disappear.

Seagate 1TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S

While you can use a regular external hard drive–like this 5TB Western Digital model that’s on sale–to store Xbox Series X|S games, you’ll have to go through the transfer process before you can play them on Series X. The convenience is what makes the Seagate Expansion Card an extremely convenient solution.