Get 10TB Of Cloud Storage For A Low Price


Cloud storage lets you store and access your files on any device, which really does make it more desirable than local storage for some people. However, cloud storage can be pricey, especially if you go through the biggest names like Google or Microsoft. If you want to ditch the subscription plan storage options, you can get 10TB of Prism Drive cloud storage right now for only $89.

If 10TB sounds like way too much for you, you can get 5TB for $69 or 2TB for only $49.

Prism Drive works just like any other cloud storage solution. You’ll be able to upload any file from just about any device, then access or share them without any hassle. To keep your data safe, you can set up a password before sharing content with friends or family. And if you happen to accidentally delete something important, a 30-day trash history lets you easily restore the file.

Prism Drive is fully compliant with all applicable privacy laws, so you can sleep easy knowing your data is safe and secure in the cloud. There’s also a useful file preview function, giving you the option to check out a file before you download it to your device–saving you the frustration of downloading the wrong photo.

It’s worth noting that even though this is for a “lifetime subscription,” it’s impossible to predict the future when it comes to products that you don’t physically own. You’re still essentially buying a license, so it’s always possible Prism Drive’s servers could go offline at some point.

Editor’s Note: Article updated on February 16, 2022