Fortnite Players Can Now Make And Publish Their Own Lego Games


Lego Fortnite started out as just a single survival-crafting mode, but it’s rapidly becoming something much greater this season. Lego and Epic have launched a series of new Lego-themed Fortnite Creative Islands, and they announced at GDC Wednesday that they’re now allowing players to build their own Lego islands in Creative mode and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). The floodgates are open.

Essentially, this allows Fortnite users to use Lego assets to make their own game experiences within Fortnite–and to make money off them if they’re popular enough. Given the kid-friendly nature of Lego, of course, there are some restrictions. Namely, the islands you make with Lego assets must carry age ratings that are no higher than E10 from the ESRB, or 7 from PEGI. So you can’t put Lego assets into, say, a Red vs. Blue Deathmatch map or any other map that involves gunfights, but the possibilities are pretty open otherwise.

Lego Fortnite Islands apply the Creative mode tools to bricks and minifigs.

Fortunately for aspiring creators, Lego and Epic have published three new Lego islands that were made with UEFN, to go with the two that had already been published, so there are already a few examples of finished projects in this style. These islands are Lego Prop Hunt, where players have to find other players disguised as props; Lego Battle Arena for Ninjago-style dueling; and Lego Cat Island Adventure, where you have to hang out with and do quests for a kitty cat. On top of that, they’re offering four island templates to help kickstart your designs so you don’t have to start from scratch.

These Lego islands will be eligible to earn money for the creators if they’re a part of the Fortnite Island Creator Program–basically, if your island generates a lot of engagement, you can get paid for it. All these changes are live now–you can get cranking on your new Lego Fortnite game mode whenever you feel like it.