Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Spoilers Have Emerged, So Tread Carefully


If you’re one of the many, many people who are looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on February 29, you’re likely looking to go into the game unspoiled. If that’s the case, be careful on social media for the next two weeks, as reports indicate that spoilers are beginning to appear across multiple apps.

Per Kotaku, users on Reddit, Tiktok, and X (formerly Twitter) are reporting FF7 Rebirth spoilers are beginning, and they include “screenshots, clips, and descriptions” of leaked materials. The leaks have yet to be confirmed as real, but those worried about potentially spoiling the game for themselves.

The alleged leaks come one week after a PlayStation State Of Play dedicated entirely to the upcoming game aired on PlayStation’s social media accounts. The presentation revealed that the new game will end at the same point as the original game’s Disc 1, as well as a shadow drop of a single-player demo with both Cloud and Sephiroth playable.

There are multiple steps you can take to protect yourself should you be wary of spoilers, which include muting certain keywords or phrases–”Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” “FFVIIR,” or the names of the game’s characters are good examples. However, if you’re looking for a more definitive option, deleting the named social media apps from your mobile device until the game’s release would suffice.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29.