Fallout 76 Player Who Nuked Phil Spencer Says It Wasn’t Personal


Someone nuked Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s camp in Fallout 76 earlier this week, but the culprit behind the attack says it wasn’t personal.

“I’ve been planning to catch him for a while now to see if he would agree to a fight,” user real1090jake told Kotaku.

Spencer has come under fire recently in response to mass layoffs, changes regarding the exclusivity of certain Xbox titles, and most recently, several high-profile studio closures at Xbox. But according to the player behind the attack, the nuking of Spencer’s Fallout 76 camp was unrelated to Spencer’s recent controversies. Instead, the player simply set his sights on the Xbox boss after finishing the game’s main quest and running out of things to do.

“Trying to take him down was just a personal goal for me after I finished the main questline,” real1090jake said.

The chaos started on Wednesday night, when a player tweeted a screenshot of Spencer’s camp as seen from the in-game map and noted the enormous red circle around it–an indication that the location had recently been nuked.

“Guilty,” real1090jake tweeted back, including a video clip of him wandering around the crispy remains of Spencer’s camp, along with a screenshot of his player-character interacting with Spencer’s, who was clad in Power Armor. Spencer goes by the username name “P3” and is known to spend quite a bit of time playing Xbox titles.

The first season of Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout series is available to stream now, and it looks like Season 2 could take things to New Vegas.