Enshrouded – How To Get More Sparks


Progression in Enshrouded can be quite challenging. That’s because fixtures like fast travel points are somewhat limited, and you need to be well-prepared if you venture deeper into lands that are covered in insidious mists. Still, if you gain permanent boosts as a Flameborn, you’ll be on the road to success. You just need one very special material. Here’s our guide on how to get Sparks in Enshrouded.

How to get Sparks in Enshrouded

You can get Sparks in Enshrouded by discovering and interacting with Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Sparks are absolutely necessary if you want to “strengthen the Flame” further. You can learn more about these permanent boons in our Flame Altar upgrades guide.
  • You’ll initially hear about Spark locations upon clearing the Ancient Spire – Springlands tower, which is due north of your base.
  • From there, you’ll gain more information about these landmarks by (a) talking to rescued NPCs, (b) tagging another Ancient Spire, or (c) discovering certain Flame Shrines/Flame Sanctums. Note that rescued NPCs refer to the Blacksmith, Hunter, Alchemist, Farmer, and Carpenter.

Below, you can see a map with the locations of a few Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums that are near your initial base. The landmarks are denoted by a fire symbol inside a white diamond icon. Take note that the game doesn’t automatically distinguish between shrines and sanctums that have already been visited and those that still have Sparks.

The white diamond icons with fire symbols denote the locations of Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums.

What’s the difference between Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums

Generally speaking, Flame Shrines in Enshrouded are altars/daises that are out in the open. If you get close enough, you’ll see an orange fire burning brightly. Flame Sanctums, meanwhile, are imposing structures. The device that you need to interact with is inside the building.

The braziers of Flame Shrines are out in the open (left), whereas you have to enter the central chamber of a Flame Sanctum if you want to grab the Spark (right).

What’s the best way to find Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums

If you want to gather more Sparks in Enshrouded, we recommend tagging Ancient Spires (i.e. the one in the Springlands). These towers act as fast travel points, and they give you a clear view of your surroundings. If you’ve already crafted the Glider, you’ll be able to cover more ground as you head toward a particular location. In some cases, both Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums will be visible in the distance, too.

A Flame Shrine can be seen on a grassy plateau.

This is how you get more Sparks in Enshrouded. Keep in mind that strengthening the Flame Altar also increases the number of Sparks (and other materials) that are required as offerings.

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game where you explore cursed lands that are covered in deadly mists. For more tips, you can check out our guides hub.