Elden Ring Player Beats The Game With Morse Code


Elden Ring is the gift that keeps on giving. Players are continuing to find new ways to claim the throne as Elden Lord–even relying on Morse code.

On April 13, Twitch steamer Silithur managed to slay the Elden Beast only using Morse code and pressing a single button. Shortly after becoming an Elden Lord, Silithur posted their victory on X/Twitter. In the tweet that was translated by Google, it reads:

“I announce that yesterday we finished Elden Ring with a button, arriving and killing all the Bosses that provide memories. It has been quite an adventure and I had not dared to do another challenge of this caliber for years. Thanks to those who have accompanied me on the trip.

Challenge completed.”

Silithur’s unique approach to Elden Ring is just one example of the creative ways players have chosen to play the game. Over the years, we’ve witnessed players like MissMikkaa defeat Malenia with a dance pad, others beating the game with a Bop-It controller, and some people even solely relying on their mind or a saxophone to defeat the Elden Beast.

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