Dorfromantik Dev Teams Up With Science Channel Kurzgesagt For A Fun Sci-Fi Game


Dorfromantik developer Toukana Interactive has announced that it is teaming up with YouTube channel Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell to produce a brand-new game under the working title of Project Mango. Revealed at the Future Game Show today, Project Mango is described as a completely original game in a space setting with fun and unique building mechanics.

Toukana says that it’s aiming to offer a fresh and accessible approach to a well-established genre, similar to Dorfromantik, and players can expect a cheerful experience with a tongue-in-cheek undertone inherited from Kurzgesagt’s videos. Project Mango is currently scheduled to launch on PC via Steam in 2025.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kurzgesagt, the channel has been regularly producing fun science videos for several years now. These are typically colorful, professionally animated, and seek to answer vital questions in a digestible format. Some of the recent topics covered include the paradox of time, how to terraform Mars with lasers, and an examination of the second deadliest virus in existence.

The channel can also give you a possible existential crisis with some of its other content explaining the absurd scale of black holes, how you might be the dream of a dead universe, and the true limits of humanity. But hey, at least the animated ducks in each episode are cute!

As for Toukana Interactive, the Berlin-based indie studio was first formed in 2020 and released Dorfromantik in 2022. The game has been well-received, with critics praising it for its well-constructed gameplay loop and zen-like atmosphere.