Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Get Glimmer


There are a lot of additional materials and resources to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s A Rift in Time expansion, including various timebending items that are used in crafting furniture and such at timebending tables. One of the rarest resource of all, however, is known as Glimmer. This special material can only be found in specific places in limited quantities, so let’s dive in and help you understand how to get as much of it as possible each day.

Where to get Glimmer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Glimmer can only be found within Realms after getting your Royal Hourglass to Level 2. This means you’ll need to fast travel to the realms you have unlocked each day to find some. But there’s some bad news about farming for Glimmer.

You’ll need to fast travel to Realms to find Glimmer.

While it’s clear that you’ll need plenty of this resource, there’s a daily limit on how much you can find. Smaller Realms like WALL-E’s will generally only provide you with a single piece of Glimmer per day, while you can score between twoto three in larger Realms like Frozen’s. Once you’ve exhausted each Realm’s daily allotment, you’ll need to check back in the following day to keep the grind going.

In addition to Mist and timebending fragments, you’ll need a total of 25 Glimmer for each piece of fragment furniture you wish to make at a timebending table, so you’ll be farming for this resource for quite a while if you want to make everything. Just keep at it, though, and you’ll eventually snag everything you need.

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