Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Ancient Machines And How They Work


Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cozy game with a relaxing vibe, but there’s an absolutely shocking amount of things to do on any given day. Whether you’re foraging for ingredients, planting and harvesting crops, or just cleaning up the pesky Night Thorns that pop on each day, you’ll always have something to be attending to. If you’d like to automate some of that and make the most of your time in the valley, you’ll need to build some ancient machines. Here’s all of the ancient machines in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how they work.

How ancient machines work

Ancient machines are available as part of the A Rift in Time expansion, meaning you’ll need to purchase that if you wish to make use of their efficiency. If you’ve already done so, though, you’ll gain access to ancient machines as you progress through the main story of the expansion, eventually unlocking the ability to craft three unique types with two additional levels of improvement for each of them.

When you’re ready to craft an ancient machine, head to any timebending table and navigate to the “Ancient Machines” tab to get started. You can only craft the base model of each ancient machine at first, so the upgrades will be greyed out. Once you build the base model, however, the next upgrade will become available to craft–provided you have enough materials to do so.

Ancient machines can be crafted at timebending tables.

To craft these ancient machines, you’ll have to gather timebending parts using your Royal Hourglass. Each ancient machine requires a fairly significant amount of these crafting materials, but if you make sure you’re seeking them out during your other daily tasks, you’ll acquire quite a collection after just a few days.

Below are all of the ancient cookers and what improvements each upgrade provides.

Ancient Cooker

The Ancient Cooker allows you to insert ingredients and have meals cooked for you automatically at a cost of 25 Mist per meal. Each upgrade will increase how many meals can be cooked before needing to remove them and restart the process.

  • Basic – Allows you to cook 10 meals.
  • Regular – Allows you to cook 20 meals.
  • Advanced – Allows you to cook 30 meals.

Ancient Gardner

The Ancient Gardner allows you to automatically harvest all crops in the biome at a cost of 10 Mist per harvest. Each upgrade will increase how many crops can be harvested before needing to empty out the ancient machine.

  • Basic – Allows you to harvest 15 crops.
  • Advanced – Allows you to harvest 25 crops.
  • Regular – Allows you to harvest 35 crops.

Ancient Vacuum

The Ancient Vacuum allows you to remove the things that grow around your valley, such as Night Thorns/Splinters of Fate, herbs, and flowers at a cost of 10 Mist per item. Each upgrade will add additional items that can be automatically removed.

  • Basic – Allows you to remove Night Thorns and Splinters of Fate.
  • Regular – Allows you to remove herbs and flowers.
  • Advanced – Allows you to remove any non-planted items, such as sticks and overlooked minerals, timebending parts, or soil.

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