Diablo 4’s First Ever Public Test Realm Is Live Now


Diablo 4‘s very first PTR is live now until April 9, helping Blizzard test Season 4 changes and new features before its full release on May 14. All players with a PC Battle.net account can opt into the PTR to check out Season 4 early and provide feedback on the experience.

The Season 4 update contains some major changes to how Diablo 4 plays, including a big overhaul to the game’s items. The PTR test will also include the revamped Helltide Reborn event, the crafting-focused Pit of Artificers dungeons, and updates to the boss ladder.

As part of the PTR, players will be able to instantly boost their level to 100 by speaking with an NPC named “PTR boost” in the Kyovashad area. The boost will also award players currency, consumables, and Ancestral gear, as well as clearing the full map of fog of war. The boost can also be used on new characters as needed. Whether players choose to activate the boost or not, Legendary drop rates will be doubled for the PTR.

To install the PTR, players will have to log into the Battle.net app and, under Diablo 4, select the Public Test Realm from the game version drop-down menu. Blizzard has PTR servers active in the game’s five largest regions: North America, Europe, Korea and Japan, South America, and Australia.

Blizzard has introduced a forum for players to give feedback on their PTR experience, so that Blizzard can implement community feedback before the season properly goes live on May 14. For everything that’s new or changed for Season 4, check out Blizzard’s full blog post about the PTR.