Diablo 4 Community Warns That Latest Patch Changed How Item Salvaging Works


Diablo 4’s recent Loot Reborn update made a variety of changes to the game, but it seems that one tiny shift in particular might cause you a big headache if you aren’t familiar with it. In short, the “Salvage All Items” function does just that: It salvages all your items, including your legendaries and uniques, so make sure you know that before you press it.

According to a post on the Diablo subreddit, Salvage All Items used to ignore your uniques and legendaries, apparently assuming that you would want to keep these high-value items. The button will no longer make such distinctions, which at least one member of the community learned the hard way. Consider this your warning. The good news is that you can double-tap the mark-as-junk button in order to mark each of these items as your “favorites,” which will make Salvage All Items avoid them again.

Diablo 4’s Loot Reborn update made the biggest changes that the game has seen yet, focusing on retooling its core mechanics and gameplay to improve the experience. For example, it totally changed the way item rolls work, with more-potent affixes across the board. It also added two new ways of upgrading a weapon: Tempering, which adds another affix from a Tempering Recipe, and Masterworking, which boosts all of the affixes to make the weapon more powerful.