Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override And Mysteries Guide


Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Season of Defiance introduced the new Vexcalibur Exotic glaive through a secret //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// Exotic mission. This Exotic quest is followed by more quests, which add new abilities to Vexcalibur that help you discover secrets throughout //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//.

Last week, completing the Vexcalibur: Authorization Override quest allowed players to walk through Vex barriers and acquire another version of the weapon’s Intrinsic Perk by accessing secret nodes. If you’re looking to complete the Season of Defiance Title, you’ll have to complete all three Override quests to get the Crtl-Alt-Complete Triumph.

Players can grab the second quest, called Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override, from the HELM.

Vexcalibur: Expert Authorization Override

For the first step, you’ll have to rapidly defeat Vex enemies using Vexcalibur–you can fire the weapon or melee. It’s best to do this in a Lost Sector like The Orrery on Nessus or the Thrilladrome on Neomuna to defeat Vex enemies quickly. You can also launch into the Garden of Salvation raid. Then, equip the new Expert Authorization Override mod on Vexcalibur.

You’ll then have to complete the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// mission again, and if you haven’t done any of the Data Retrieval secrets in the Exotic mission–like the Data Retrieval: Substrate one that gets you the Intrinsic Perk–the quest will ask you to solve a mystery. After you complete the mission, head back to the HELM to grab your reward.

However, there are still other mysteries left to solve.

Data Retrieval: Aberrant Subject mystery

There is a large shaft near the beginning of the mission, right before you jump into the Vex Radiolaria. When jumping down the shaft, there are smaller platforms along the sides of the walls and one of those platforms has a green data node that you can activate.

The first data node for Aberrant Subject mystery.

After you activate it, head down to the circular room with the Hobgoblin that’s trapped behind a Vex Barrier. Then, jump onto the higher platform with another green data node. Activating the second node frees the trapped Hobgoblin and completes the Data Retrieval: Aberrant Subject Triumph.

The second data node for the Aberrant Subject mystery.

Data Retrieval: Cannonball mystery

To get the Data Retrieval: Cannonball mystery, you need to have the Expert Authorization Override mod on your Vexcalibur. This mod lets you damage Override Nodes–these share the same shape as the prism, cube, and diamond puzzle mechanic–in the Exotic mission. Also, make sure you have ammo for your Vexcalibur for these nodes.

After you pass the Deletion Protocol and defeat the large Data Nullifier Hydra boss, you’ll eventually get to a spherical Vex catapult that’ll take you across to another platform. When you land on that platform, look up to shoot the first red-colored Override Node with Vexcalibur.

First Override Node in the Vexcalibur Exotic mission.

The second Override Node is directly below, floating next to the platform. Carefully jump down to a lower ledge and shoot at the Override Node.

The second Override Node is next to the platform.

The last one is above the small ledge where the Goblin spawns, but it’s hidden inside a cavity in the platform.

The third Override Node is inside the platform’s cavity.

Grabbing the three Override Nodes spawns a chest and completes the Data Retrieval: Cannonball Triumph.