Destiny 2’s Riven’s Wishes Will Let You Pick Raid Weapons, Exotic Armor As Rewards


Most of the story of Destiny 2‘s Season of the Wish is over for now, but Bungie will give you new reasons to return to the Dreaming City next week with the addition of Riven’s Wishes. The new weekly pursuits are set to give players access to high-end rewards, including guns from the Last Wish raid, Exotic armor pieces, and cosmetic weapon ornaments.

Bungie revealed new details about what to expect as Season of the Wish continues in its latest This Week in Destiny blog post. Riven’s Wishes are a set of new weekly pursuits that’ll cover the next six weeks.

“Starting on January 30, players can visit Mara Sov to accept a weekly quest with a high-risk objective in the Dreaming City, such as completing Legend Lost Sectors or dungeons,” Bungie wrote in the blog. “Upon completion of these weekly objectives, players can return to Mara to receive a Wish Token. Each week, you can use this token to choose a prize from one of three different categories.”

The rewards you can nab with your Wish Tokens are notable. The three categories include red-border Last Wish Raid weapons, which can be used to progress closer to unlocking the craftable versions of those guns; Exotic armor pieces that have been released in the last year, which normally come from random drops after completing Legendary or Master Lost Sectors; and Miscellany, which includes high-level rewards.

You can earn ornaments from Festival of the Lost and The Dawning from Riven’s Wishes.

Of particular note in the Miscellany category are weapon mementos that were awarded during the two most recent holiday events, Halloween’s Festival of the Lost and December’s Dawning. Those ornaments aren’t available to earn until those events come back around in 2024, so if you’re sad you missed them, this is a good opportunity to remedy the situation.

Here’s the full rundown of what you can get from each of the three categories for each Wish Token you turn in:

  • Last Wish weapons
    • The Supremacy sniper rifle
    • Transfiguration scout rifle
    • Apex Predator rocket launcher
    • Chattering Bone pulse rifle
    • Nation of Beasts hand cannon
    • Techeun Force fusion rifle
    • Tyranny of Heaven bow
    • Age-Old Bond auto rifle
  • Exotics
    • Speedloader Slacks – Hunter leg armor
    • Cyrtarachne’s Facade – Hunter helmet
    • Triton Vice – Hunter gauntlets
    • Mothkeeper’s Wraps – Hunter gauntlets
    • Cadmus Ridge Lancecap – Titan helmet
    • Abeyant Leap – Titan leg armor
    • Arbor Warden – Hunter chest armor
    • Pyrogale Gauntlets – Titan gauntlets
    • Ballidorse Wrathweavers – Warlock gauntlets
    • Swarmers – Warlock leg armor
    • Cenotaph Mask – Warlock helmet
    • Briarbinds – Warlock gauntlets
  • Miscellany
    • 1 Lost Memento
    • 1 Dawning Memento
    • 2 Ascendant Shards
    • 2 Ascendant Alloys
    • 1 Exotic Cipher

Riven’s Wishes are coming to Destiny 2 with the January 30 update, alongside the yearly Moments of Triumph event that offers its own special armor and other rewards. Bungie also revealed what you’ll be able to earn for completing its new set of 26 Triumphs, which are part of the 2023 Moments of Triumph Seal.

Laurel Ghost shell

Finishing five Triumphs gets the ability to purchase the 2023 Moments of Triumph T-shirt from the Bungie Rewards program, while 14 earns you the new Laurel Shell for your Ghost.

Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow

If you finish 21 Triumphs, you’ll unlock the Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow; and completing all 26 nets the year’s Moments of Triumph Seal and title, along with the ability to purchase a Bungie Rewards pin.