Destiny 2’s Older Raid Exotics Will Soon Be Easier To Obtain


A welcome recent change in Destiny 2 has seen the addition of raid and dungeon Triumphs that increase the likelihood of getting the random Exotic weapons associated with those activities. In other words, completing optional objectives makes it more likely that you’ll obtain the very rare, highly desirable Exotics as you repeat those raids and dungeons. But this is only true for a select number of those activities, something that will be changing in the upcoming Season of the Deep.

The Exotics from five more raids will soon have Triumphs that boost your personal drop rate. This is only for randomly dropped Exotics, but notably, these boosts will be attached to existing Triumphs. These are retroactive, meaning if you’ve already completed the Triumphs in question, you’ll immediately have the boosted drop rate.

This applies to One Thousand Voices (the fusion rifle from Last Wish), Eyes of Tomorrow (the rocket launcher from Deepstone Crypt), Collective Obligation (the pulse rifle from Vow of the Disciple), Vex Mythoclast (the fusion rifle from Vault of Glass), and Touch of Malice (the scout rifle from Kingsfall).

While this is a notable improvement for those who have put in the time to unlock these Triumphs but haven’t lucked into these raids’ Exotics, it’s one of multiple Exotic-centric changes coming in Season 21. Bungie will also be introducing a new means of focusing Exotic armor you already own, allowing you to get better stat rolls on them, and will swap Exotic engram drops in place of certain Pinnacle rewards each week.

Here are the specific bonuses you’ll receive for completing each Triumph in these raids:

Last Wish – One Thousand Voices

Petra’s Run +3
The New Meta +2
Thunderstruck +1
Sunburn +1
Night Owl +1
Habitual Wisher +1
Coliseum Champion
Summoning Ritual
Strength of Memory
Keep Out
Forever Fight
+1 per (5 total)

Deepstone Crypt – Eyes of Tomorrow

Survival of the Fittest +3
Freezing Point +1
Control Group +2
Challenges: Red Rover
Copies of Copies
Of All Trades
The Core Four
+1 (4 total)
Complications: Resource Contention
5 Seconds to Paradise
Short Circuit
Ready, Set, Go!
+1 per (4 total)

Vow of the Disciple – Collective Obligation

Risen from the Deep +3
Master Difficulty “Vow of the Disciple” +2
Together in the Deep +1
Swift Destruction
Base Information
Defenses Down
Looping Catalyst
+1 (4 total)
On My Go
Handle With Care
Glyph to Glyph
Symmetrical Energy
+1 per (4 total)

Vault of Glass – Vex Mythoclast

Flawless Vault of Glass +3
Master Glasser +1
Challenges: Wait For It…
The Only Oracle For You
Out of Its Way
Rabid Relic
Eyes on Antheon
+1 per (5 total)
Dragon’s Den
Take Cover
Tempered Teleport
Strangers in Time
Ensemble’s Refrain
+1 per (5 total)

Kingsfall – Touch of Malice

Crux of the King +3
One True King +1
Challenges: The Grass is Always Greener
Devious Thievery
Gaze Amaze
Under Construction
Hands Off
+1 per (5 total)
Complications: Overzealous
Brand Busters
Taking Turns
The Floor is Lava
Overwhelming Power
+1 per (5 total)