Destiny 2: The Final Shape Requires 25-Hour Downtime, Massive Install Sizes


If you’re looking forward to Destiny 2: The Final Shape, you might want to clear some space off your HDD, because you’re going to need it. The good news is that you have some time to decide what you need, because Destiny 2 is going offline for 25 hours in early June to prepare for the launch.

Bungie recently published a lengthy blog post that broke down what players can expect in The Final Shape. That downtime is scheduled from 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT on June 3, and it will end 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT on June 4. Preloading will be available on all platforms during that time. Additionally, the post revealed the install size requirements for the patch on every platform, and they’re a doozy, exceeding 110GB on every platform, and requiring nearly 300GB during the update process on Steam. Once the update is complete, the final install size will (in many cases) be smaller, but still quite large. The maximum file sizes, which vary depending on your installed languages, can be seen in the table below.

The post also talks about a number of Destiny 2 developments, including the announcement of a collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons, with D&D-inspired looks and cosmetics coming to the store on June 4. The post includes a lengthy preview of what Artifact perks players can expect to get in the early days of The Final Shape, including columns for Solar, Void, Arc, and the different kinds of weapons. Finally, as usual, Bungie is sponsoring a race to see who will be the “world first” to complete the new Salvation’s Edge raid, so keep an eye out for that.

In other The Final Shape news, huge spoilers for the game have apparently leaked online, so if you’re concerned about that, we recommend you stay off social media for the next few days. Also, make sure to complete the content that’s leaving Destiny 2 before this downtime, and spend your Legendary Shards.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Install Size And Update Space Requirements


Destiny 2 Install Size

Storage Space Needed for Installation of Current Destiny 2 Players

PlayStation 5

143.81 GB*

143.81 GB

PlayStation 4

110.70 GB*

129.31 GB**

Xbox One

139.52 GB

139.52 GB

Xbox Series X|S

165.82 GB

165.82 GB


155.50 GB*

299.70 GB***

Epic Games Store

144.61 GB

279.66 GB

Microsoft Store

156.22 GB

156.22 GB

* Destiny 2 Install Size may vary based on languages installed, size shown is maximum size possible

** PlayStation 4: Includes current installed version of Destiny 2 (110.70 GB) + Update pre-load (18.61 GB) = 129.31 GB

*** Steam: Includes current installed version of Destiny 2 (up to 144.20 GB) + Update pre-load (up to 155.50 GB) = 299.70 GB